Disaster struck

Thanks to all for tweets and facemails! It warms to see that friends from all over Europe are thinking of us and what happened in Oslo. We are somewhat set out, still, and reads all the news here in France. My family is ok. Ingrid and Runar got on their plane to China yesterday, Jorunn is ok in Shetland, preparing to sail home wilt the Tall Ships Race, her family safe at home in Sandnes. Maria is in Stavanger, and Bjørn of course here, and luckily not in his Oslo appartment, just a few hundred meters from the blast. We can see the top of the government offices from his flat.
I know that people I know are directly affected by this. Our love and warmest thoughts goes to them, and also to others involved in this terrible disaster. 92 people dead. More than 80 on a youth camp. In little Norway, we are not that many, so this affects all of us. Still, at a day of sadness and grief, we are happy that this was not part of an attack carried out by international terrorists, which I think both all Norwegians and others were thinking as it started. As Ingrid said when she called and told what happened, she said «they» about who made the blast in Oslo city, not «somebody», which most of us did. It appears that we need to correct our thinking about «them» and the rest of us. In my opinion, Norway is not a very open and including country…

We are heading North, drove from Beaune to Epernay in Champagne today. I am still recovering from a concussion after crashing into a brick wall cycling up the Corton hill in Bourgogne, but getting better every day. We will be staying here until Wednesday, before driving home, arriving late on Thursday.
I love this quote, that I put on facebook earlier today: ‎»If one man can show this much hate, think about how much love we can show together», Norwegian representative for AUF on CNN says.
We see so many beatiful things, and meet fantastic people anywhere. There is so much love, in everyone of us. Hugs from Bjørn and myself

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  1. Thank you Ingeborg for sharing with us these painful thoughts. It’s true that we’re all affected by what happened in Norway, maybe especially because we know personnally some of you (thanks to EUPRIO). I’m somehow relieved that there is only one killer involved and that islamic terrorism has not reached your country. Enjoy your last days of holidays as much as you can and have a nice journey back home. Kisses from Véro (exceptionnally from South of France)



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